BBC Science and Nature: Great articles and interesting, interactive learning applications Stunning nature and wildlife photography.

How Stuff Works: Details on the processes that underlie many natural phenomena.

Inventors Hall of Fame

National Academy of Sciences: A very influential site.

Newton's Apple: Family science site, which has a wealth of information for young and old  .

Nova: A great site developed by PBS, contains information about each of their educational

Popular Science: Keeps you up to date on the scientific influences on technology.

Questia: The worlds largest online library, allows you to pour over thousands of free books.

Search For Dinosaurs: This website has some truly beautiful depictions of prehistoric

Scientific American: The website for the one of the best publications of all time.

Science Timeline: A detailed history of scientific achievements. Recounts thousands of
scientific discoveries.

Smithsonian Institution:

Super Strings: A great site that offers a clear and somewhat concise view of the theory.

Charles Darwin     

Richard Dawkins   

Albert Einstein       

Jane Goodall         

Brain Greene         

Stephen Hawking  

Kristen Hawkes     

George Miller         

Michio Kaku           

Raymund Kurzweil

Stephen Pinker      

Carl Sagan            

Craig Stanford       

Lewis R. Thomas  
Recommended Links:
Organization for the Advancement of
Interdisciplinary Learning