Mission / Preface

We all have belief systems that are not founded entirely on facts about reality.  
This is true because so often we remain very much uninformed about the
processes that control the world around us. A better understanding of these
processes affords an individual increased confidence, a more profound sense of
self-awareness and a more sophisticated vantage point.

In my own search for knowledge I have actively sought out resources that could
help me learn. I have looked for years, with little luck, for books, websites and clubs
that could rapidly introduce me to interesting concepts and help improve my
vocabulary. I created this website for people who, like me, want unimpeded access
to valuable information that can speed up the process of the pursuit of knowledge
and the attainment of understanding.

I encourage readers to debate my arguments with me, to email me with their
thoughts and ideas, and to contact me about collaboration. I offer free advice, free
counseling and free web support to groups and individuals interested in creating
their own intellectual property.

The mission of this organization is to reach readers interested in the sciences, to
create a forum for learning and intellectual advancement, and to contribute to
modern knowledge through interdisciplinary research and convergent validity.

Jared Reser

Organization for the Advancement of  
Interdisciplinary Learning